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Property Investors

As most property investors know, your asset ought to make you money over time.  The key to investing is understanding the potential risks involved, knowing how to protect those risks and having a clear grip on what your net costs are in order to hold the asset. The majority of loans we have done over the years are for property investors so you can rely on our expertise in this field.

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We can help with investment property finance advice plus:

  • Stand alone securities/separated off from one another
  • Navigating different lenders in the market
  • Knowing what it costs you to own the investment
  • Using software which calculates tax refund cheques
  • Knowing your individual borrowing capacity
  • Mitigating risk (fixed rate) + (insurance)
  • Not overcommitting with your borrowing – you still need to live and go on holiday!
  • Dealing with the banks red tape, rules & regulations
  • Having somebody going in to bat for you to get the loan approved as well as negotiating on your behalf
  • Understanding the Comprehensive Credit Scoring regime
  • Self employed & business owners who have different hurdles to deal with