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Low Doc Loans Melbourne

Have you been rejected a standard loan due to lack of documentation? If yes, then Guardian National Mortgage’s low doc loan can come to your rescue.

Our low doc loans are ideal for people who find it difficult to present the standard documents required by banks. When opting for a loan, banks usually insist on asking for an updated tax return, financial statements and documents showing consistent income.

Submitting these documents may not be a problem for big business owners or those with a fixed income job. However, self-employed individuals, freelancers, contractors or those running a small business may find it difficult to present these documents to obtain a loan.

Our loc doc loans require you to submit alternative documents as per your convenience. We will give you the option of providing multiple alternative documents, making it easy for you to choose the ones you can submit. Once the required number of documents are submitted, we will process your low doc loan application.

Low Doc Home Loans Melbourne

If you are planning to buy a home in Melbourne and don’t have the typical documents to submit for your home loan application, you can take advantage of our low doc home loan.

We give you the freedom of acquiring a loan with minimal income documentation. With a choice of flexible supporting documents, securing a home loan from us becomes convenient for you.

Low Doc Business Loans Melbourne

Any business be it big or small requires funds to function smoothly. While it may be easier for big businesses to secure a loan, the small businesses may find this task to be challenging.

Self-employed individuals or small business owners who cannot present the typical documents to secure a loan can make use of our low doc business loans. By providing alternative documents, they can easily obtain a loan to expand their business, pay-off their bills, buy new equipment and more.

Low Doc Personal Loans Melbourne

Personal loans are useful for small business owners when they want to renovate their current office or upgrade the furniture or just go for a holiday. With our low doc personal loans, small business owners get the freedom to submit alternative documents to the typical documents demanded by banks. This means they will be able to secure a loan even if they don’t have an updated tax return or financial statement.

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