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Low Doc Business Loan

Businesses require loans for multiple reasons – expansion, debt clearance, working capital, etc. Obtaining loans for businesses is difficult, and things may not turn in your favour if you don’t have the right documents to prove a regular income.

Standard business loans require you to present updated tax returns, financial statements, and other documents to prove consistent income. While presenting these documents may not be a problem for larger businesses. For small businesses or self-employed individuals, it may be difficult to support their loan application with these typical documents.

As a solution to this problem, we at Guardian National Mortgage offer low doc small business loans to those in need. With this loan type, business owners get the freedom to submit alternative documents to support their loan application. Also, they can enjoy the benefit of fast approval times and flexible repayment options.

Low Doc Loans for Start-up Business

Our low doc loans are a fantastic option for start-up businesses. We understand that at the start of a business’s life cycle, it can be difficult and challenging to update standard documents required to apply for a traditional loan.

That’s why we offer low doc loans that can be obtained by providing an alternative set of documents.

Low Doc Commercial Loans

Our low doc loans can also be an option for businesses who wish to fund their capital expenditures and operational costs through a loan. With access to capital, which can be obtained through a low doc commercial loan, small businesses cannot grow.

Approaching us for a low doc loan is a wise decision as we can offer you a business loans that need not to be supported by property or equipment.

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