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Low Doc Home Loans Australia

Banks insist on presenting documents like updated tax returns, financial statements, and proofs of regular income for processing a home loan.

Getting these documents may be easy for some. However, professionals like small businesspeople, contractors and freelancers may find it difficult to arrange these standard documents.

Guardian National Mortgage has a solution to this problem. We offer low doc home loans that are beneficial for professionals with non-standard documentation.

Our low doc home loans are ideal for those who can’t obtain the traditional mortgage due to lack of regular documents.

Low Doc Home Loans for Self Employed Individuals

As some self-employed individuals may find it difficult to arrange the standard documentation, our low doc home loans offer the freedom to present alternative documentation for a home loan.

The entire process of obtaining this type of loan is quite similar to the process of proving your identity. We give you the option to provide a range of different documents, and you can choose the type of documents you want to submit. Once the required quota of documents is met, we can process your loan.

Interest Rates forLow Doc Home Loans

With our low doc loan, you can expect the same features as the standard loans. You get to choose from variable and fixed loan options. We also provide interest only repayments facility.

As the risk involved for low doc lending facility is comparatively higher than that of a standard loan, you can expect a slightly higher rate of interest.

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If you have an irregular income or incomplete documents and are finding it difficult to prove your ability to obtain a home loan to the big banks, you can turn to our low doc home loan.  Call 1300 LOANSTAR and we will be happy to answer all your queries.

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