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Investment Property

Toni is a business and property owner, as well as an investor. When he has visited banks, they have found his situation too complicated, particularly because he has a small business and varying turn-over.

“They tend to make me jump through hoops”

A friend referred Toni to Guardian National Mortgage and we were able to offer him a product that reduced the rate of his home loan, allowing him to pay it off quicker. We were also able to provide Toni with an offset account, reducing the amount of interest he pays on his mortgage.



[This] has put me in a better tax position, meaning I get better returns from having my mortgages through Guardian.”

Now Toni is the one referring his friends to us!

“I would recommend if you’re looking to invest in property and you’re a small business owner that you give them a try.”

Remember, Guardian National Mortgage applies all the discounts available against your consumer loan, not the investment loan!

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