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Alt Doc Loan

You are a small business owner making decent profits months after months. Obviously, you want to grow your business and take it on to the next level. The one thing that you would require the most for this expansion is funds.  

The age-old way to acquire funds for growing your business is opting for a loan.You know your monthly income will allow you to pay the instalments, but you’ve got to prove this to the banks.

To ensure they grant you the loan you have been dreaming about, you need to submit them a set of documents that show how well you are doing in your business. While you know what profits you are making, it may be difficult for you to put them on documents to show the banks. What happens then? — a loan rejection.

Guardian National Mortgage understands there will be many instances in your life that would require you to have funds at the ready. Your inability to provide standard documents and proof of a consistent income shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to acquire a loan.

Our alt doc loans give you the liberty to secure a loan by providing alternative documents. This means the standard documents that the banks usually demand need not be presented to obtain a loan.

Our alt doc loan can be easily secured by lending just your bank statement and BAS statement.

Alt Doc Home Loans

Our alt doc loans can be acquired for multiple reasons — be it expanding your business of investing in a home. One significant advantage of opting for our alt doc home loans is that the approvals are instant, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of lengthy loan procedures.

Also, as there are minimum documents required for the approval of this type of loan, you don’t have to rush to make arrangements for the documents you don’t have ready. Instead, you can check for an alternative document that would work and provide the same.

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